The Republic's Foundation "Speranta" for children of Republic Moldova

By Helping the children today, we create our future

About us

     Children - this is our hope

The National Children's Fund "Sperantsa" – is a public charity organization, which is established on a voluntary basis in 1993 to support children - orphans and children's institutions in difficult living conditions. Children's Fund designs and development of various programs, events, competitions and projects in order to attract children to communicate, to establish friendly relations between them, and to engage in creative activities."Sperantsa" operates on the basis of the Charter, in accordance with the Constitution of Moldova, the Law of the Republic of Moldova from the 17.05. 1996 № 837-XIII On Public Associations, the Law of the Republic of Moldova from the 31.10.2002 N 1420-XV On Charity activity and sponsorship, the active legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

The name of our fund was not accidentally chosen, it contains our main goal. Children - this is our hope! And every child is a hope for our future, regardless of the fact that whether it is your child or a child from an orphanage or from a children’s home ...Every child is interested in this world, he also needs food, toys, clothes, our love, attention, care and assistance.

The main objective of the Fund – is the implementation of programs and activities which are aimed to support the younger generation. The projects of the Children's charity fund "Sperantsa" is aimed at providing free support and thorough care for the orphans and children, who are left without parental care and those children who live in orphanages or children’s homes. The fund attracts public attention to the problems of children from orphanages and children's homes, to the problem of child abandonment, social orphans; it promotes volunteering and volunteer movement, involving a wide range of people in the charity activities. With the help of the media, advocacy, referrals draws attention to unresolved childhood issues in our country. Basic foundation staff - volunteers who are actively involved in the Foundation's activities during free time.

The Children's Fund "Sperantsa" is open to cooperation with other children's charity funds and organizations; it organizes campaigning to bring voluntary donations of judicial persons and physical individuals in order to implement the charity programs of the fund. It participates in international cooperation and exchange of experience. It unites people who wish to participate in the activities of the fund for specific charity actions, which are aimed to protect the health, the interests and rights of the children, with the help of the mass media, the propaganda activity attracts the attention of the society to unsolved problems of childhood in our country. 

Priority for the Children's Fund "Speranza", from 2013, was to conduct activities to support children and rapprochement with both banks. The "Childhood without Borders" - a program of interregional cooperation Moldova - Transnistria, implemented within the good-neighborly relations and to create conditions for dialogue and friendship between children with both regions. Since 2013, the Republican child Fund «Speranza» is a member of the International Association of Children's Funds.

Children's Fund "Speranza" receives numerous letters asking for support and help from the parents of large families, treatment of Directors boarding schools, heads of rural areas. On the basis of these letters, we appeal to the heads of agencies and organizations of different forms of ownership, thus attracting the attention of the public, state and commercial structures to children from orphanages and boarding schools, the problems of large families, are promoting the involvement of a wide range of people in charitable activities.                                                                                                                                                                       

By helping those who are in difficult situations today, we thus lay the foundation of a healthy generation in the future. We are doing goodness, by helping children, and we want to draw the attention of others to do the same. We aim to join the efforts of many caring people and to give everyone the opportunity to take part in the fates of the children - orphans and disabled children, who are deprived of parental care, love and attention. In charity there are no seasons, there is no need to wait for the holidays or any dates, we do not need special occasions, if you have the desire to help, and you just go on and do it. And you need quite a bit to make the children happy - our Endeavour and your Participation, and, the most importantly, knowing that together we are not indifferent to their fates. To implement all our projects independently is not easy. We hope that our projects will be joint projects, then our common efforts will increase many times, and, therefore, those children who need it most will have new opportunities. In our country there are many children who are particularly in need of your help. Help can be not only material. We call upon the leaders of enterprises, organizations and citizens to cooperate with us. Let us work together for our children and our future! We are open for any cooperation. Together we can make our world better for children who have difficulty life. By Helping the children today, we create our future.