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We Laugh together with the children

When are our children - really happy? It is hard to say, because we ourselves do not always realize tha we aret happy; because we have stopped to enjoy little things. Children are happy when they are curious; when they sing, play, learn, admire, enjoy, laugh. How often when they want to describe a picture of a happy and safe house, they say: "There is a children's laughter in that house." Children laugh from joy, pleasure to live, play and communicate.

 "Humour - is a very important component of emotional health, intellectual development of the child, as well as physical health," - according to the researchers at Stanford University. From their opinion, a sense of humor is necessary for children to have positive emotions and helps them to be stronger and more endurance. This concerns a particular time when they go through a difficult puberty period and teenage problems. There have been studies which show that laughter contributes to the rapid development of the children and it effects the immune system. At the moment, it is completely proved that laughter increases creativity abilities and develops the skill to look for creative solutions and ways out of different situations. Some psychiatrists affirm that humor is one of the best ways to relieve stress. When a person laughs, the blood flow to the brain increases, it gets more oxygen. This leads to quick responses, reactions and and mental activity. English psychologists have found an interesting pattern, which is confirmed by statistics, that the more the child laughs, the better he will achieve success in life. In adolescence age, humor is very much appreciated and it is one of the ways to get make contacts with the world, to show their affiliation to the adolescent subculture, to challenge the norms that have been established by serious adults. A developed sense of humor helps teenagers to defend their rights peacefully and assert their authority. Also now it has been proved that laughter boosts immunity. We can often hear from the mouths of even the doctors that laughter – is the best medicine. According to experts, a person needs to laugh 15-20 times a day in order to have a good health. But it is necessary to laugh from the heart. Laughter is an expression of positive emotions, which itself affects the mood and feeling of happiness. Laughter supports self-healing mechanisms of our organism. From here we advice: laugh often, laugh a lot, laugh for health!

Laughter can be a mediator between the world of children and adults. Do we often do we laugh together with our children? Laughing together - is a way of communicating. In addition, a good sense of humor will help make children smarter, cleverer, healthier, and will teach them cope better with their problems. We do not just prolong our life with the help of laughter, when we smile, we make our life brighter,  more lively and fresher. The Laughter of adults helps to encourage children to develop good skills in overcoming difficult situations. This is not only entertainment, but it is also development, because the child is always ready to learn, to know new things, to enjoy his own discovery, to wonder about every part of the world. Children learn with humor to look at their failures and make them easy, without dropping the hands down and continue to strive towards their goals. Our children - are the greatest joy in our life, let us share this joy with each other! Because children are by nature created and designed for joy! It worths nothing to make them laugh. When laughing, the children are much easier to part with their grievances, fears, and caprices. Laughter protects the child, makes him stronger and more invulnerable. In order to inculcate a sense of humor to children; it is necessary to do that from an early age, because little children tend to pay more attention to what seems to them funny and interesting. Protect the kids from primitive humor, bad and harmful jokes and silly games. If not immediately, but after some time, the child will be able to understand that there is nothing funny about the fact that someone is hurt or anoyed but he can find a more worthy way reason for laughter. A sense of humor – is a wonderful assistant. Try it!  If we want to be optimistic and grow the children up, we need a sense of humor, which will help overcome the problems, obstacles and frustrations that we often face in our life.

The best thing you can do to improve your child's sense of humor - to use your own. You can joke. Tell funny stories. laugh Loudly. While Laughing, try to cope with small disasters, such as spilled milk. The child needs smiles and laughter, just as he needs the sun, air and water. Laughter and positive emotions can mobilize the defenses power of the child's body and can help to fight against various diseases. The healthiest laughter is the one that comes by itself - during the games, watching cartoons, or because of some pleasant news, or just because of joy. Children with well-developed sense of humor are happier and more optimistic, they have more self-esteem and can cope well with their being different from others. Children who can appreciate and evaluate humor and share the joy, are better peers and they are able to cope better with the children's problems - from moving to a new city, to tease and problems which can happen at the children’s playground. It is important not to crush the natural cheerfulness which is inherent in every child to some extent. In order for that to happen; it is important for adults to watch the expression of their face and voice. Children do not know how to laugh among strangers and unpleasant people. Sincere laughter comes only in a climate and atmosphere of friendship and mutual trust.
How often do children laugh! They laugh when they wake up in the morning, when mom or dad come home, when the sun comes out, when it starts raining .... Statistically, children smile about 200 - 400 times a day, and they laugh 150 times. Adults smile in average about 15-18 times a day, and laugh just 6 times. We propose to you now to smile right now, in order to spoil all statistics! And follow the example of the children. They do it easily. Children instinctively know that humor - is a reliable way to start and maintain friends. The sense of humor should be encouraged in every child - just as we encourage good behaviour and diligence in study. The easiest way to instill the importance of humor in a child, is that if you can show him every day an example of how to treat life situations with humor. If they do not learn to laugh, they will not learn to smile and live. Luaghter and smile serve primarily as a form of simple communication. Praise the children for the fact that they like to laugh! Remember: smiles make the road.