The Republic's Foundation "Speranta" for children of Republic Moldova

By Helping the children today, we create our future

Infornation for our partners and sponsors

Good news for our partners and sponsors: the site of the National Children's Fund "Speranţa" can be a powerful resource for your company, for your business, a resource that will lead your business to the next level of development. Your support and and participation in our projects will help you to promote your company , services and products and to attract the largest possible number of customers. By participating in our activities, you will attract the attention of a large audience and representatives of the media to their company, the sale of iheir goods and services. This will contribute to the realization of your goal - to reach new heights in business.

 There are two reasons. First - it is profitable for you. Second - it is your desire and possibility to help the children. You will have the opportunity to place your logo, banners, posters, information in the form of texts which advertise your products or services, and photos at our website. The you will be able to talk about your activities, innovations or just write something in  the form ofan article about your work. Your honorarium will be the attention of the visitors of our site, among which, of course, there will be your potential customers. You will be able to locate some information, promotion materials and advertising products in the information package of the press conference participant at the registration desk of participant; you will get letters and certificates of vote of thanks. You will have the opportunity to spread your souvenirs and products with your symbols during our joint activities: clothes, pens, plastic paper bags, writing pads, balloons with your company’s logo. The Sponsorship of our projects and participation in them will give you the opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and trade mark - the work for the image of your company, the possibility to use every sponsor’s project in the management of your reputation, and at the same time you will earn extra bonuses in the eyes of your consumers. You will get the opportunity to advertise a new product or service; increase the number of information grounds and subjects, to draw the participants into the sponsored activities to your own projects, to get access to new clients, use the area and platforms of our events for the presentation of your new product or service and get instant feedback! And the children's fund "Speranţa" will get the opportunity to organize and run events at a different quality level.

We need a happy, positive, creative people who want to get more out of life and who are willing to act. Our proposal is directed to highlight you and your work, that is why we are very grateful and thankful for fact that you are with us, and that you participate in our activities. And also for the fact that you have big open hearts, and you, together with us, are interested in improving the lives of the children. Please try to get involved in our projects! Everyone who is in our team is significant  and valuable to us, because your success - is our success in the implementation of our projects.

We are open to collaboration and working with you and we look forward to any of your suggestions for sponsoring our projects. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. Who wants to be with us?