The Republic's Foundation "Speranta" for children of Republic Moldova

By Helping the children today, we create our future
Charity Event
In February 2017, the Republican Children's Fund "Sperance" held a charitable action to help four large families living in rural areas. For these families, household electrical goods were bought and delivered for a total of 20436 lei (one thousand euros).
For a large family from the village of Dolinnoe, the district of Criuleni, in which eight children are brought up, a washing machine and an electric oven were purchased;
A large family with six children from Cricova received a multivark and a food processor;
A family from the village of Budesht with seven children gratefully received a washing machine and an electric oven;
A family from Nemereuka village, Soroca district, where 5 children are brought up, received a microwave oven and a food processor.
The general partner is the German company Ostalbketten.
28 Feb 2017