The Republic's Foundation "Speranta" for children of Republic Moldova

By Helping the children today, we create our future

Children's homes and Orphanages


In the children's homes and orphanages of our country there are about 3 thousand children, one fifth of which - are orphans. For Moldova, it is a huge number. In the Republic of Moldova there are about 30 institutions working with children without parental care. The main cause of orphans in Moldova - low living standards of most of the population of the country. The majority of children in orphanages are not orphans, but children who have parents. In the children's homes, not only children without parents are lost, but also children with disabilities whose parents refused them. Children who are taken away from drug addicts, alcoholics, those whose parents were sent to prison. And unfortunately, there are children, whose parents surrendered themselves because they "failed"  to educate them. We can judge about the conditions, in which the children without parental care live,  only by watching films/movies and rare television reports. What is surprising is that the children’s homes and orphanages live their separate lives and they relate to to every new comer with great attention and carefulness. However, they are always ready to  meet with joy and great hope those people; who want to give at least a little warmth to the children

In order to solve the problem of orphans, we need to do it at different levels. Everyone, regardless of his position and opportunities, can participate in thist. Someone can donate some money for this activity. Many other people can give a little of their time. Someone can devote all his life to these children: take the child to his family, work in an orphanage or to become a volunteer in a charity fond. Weare asking everyone to think what you can do to help these young lives? We accept any kind of help. In our work we always need volunteers who can take any part in the work with children.in hikings and tours or excursions, in the organization of lectures, courses, classes with them, teaching skills and professions in providing help in deftermining and in the choice of the future profession. When working constantlyt with children and giving them your love – you are working not for the "Children's Home", but for the children themselves. What we all should focus at is that, we need those who want to actually help these deserving and children. We would be happy if representatives of business could take part inb our projects on a partnership basis: we are always looking for vehicles to transport the children, we also need a place to stay, food for  the children; and of course, a financial support. You can apply directly to the children's homes and orphanages, and find out what exactly you can do to help the children. We together with you will be able to make a little change in the life of these children.

Children's homes and orphanages:

The Municipal Center for Placement and Rehabilitation of the Elderly Children
mun. Chisinau, bd.Cuza-Vodă 29/4, phone: (022) 76-66-88, (022) 77-46-96

Gymnasium- orphanage number 2, Chisinau

Chisinau,  Grenoble Street

tel.: (022) 765833, 772433, 765744

Lyceum for visually impaired children in Chisinau

Chisinau, V. Pircalab Street.,

tel.: (022) 225014, 224363

Special school № 12 for deaf children in Chisinau

Chisinau, 34. Cuza Voda Street,

tel.: (022) 661881

Gymnasium-Orphanage № 3, Kishinev

Chisinau, 10  G. Cashu Street,

tel.: (022) 727018, 727963

Republican Secondary Part-time school for the deaf and for choildren with difficulties in hearing  Kishinev, sos. Hincesti 68 A,

tel.: (022) 723344

Orphanage № 5, Kishinev

Chisinau,  42 University Street,

tel.: (022) 737029

House Shelter for children - orphans

Chisinau,  4/2 Ghibu O - Salvador Allende Street,

Phone: (022) 519971.518420

Kishinev community for orphanages

Chisinau,  82  V. Lupu Street, (the former. Panfilov Street)  

Phone: (022) 719454

Russian Orphanage № 6

Chisinau, 28 Ureki Street (former Yakir Street)

Phone: (022) 541986, (022) 544258

Russian Orphanage  № 3

Chisinau, 10  Porridge D – Grape Street,

Phone: (022) 727018.727963

Chadyrlunga  Orphanage

tel.: +373 291-23-996, +373 78585827

Gymnasium-Orphanage,  Carpineni, Hincesti District

Carpineni village, Hincesti District

tel.: 0-269-28-701, 0-269-26-021

Gymnasium-Orphanage, Straseni

tel.: 0-237-22569

Gymnasium-Orphanage of Hartford

tel.: 0-263-23274

Chinisheuv Sanatorium Orphanage for children with neuropsychiatric disorders, district Level

tel.: 0-254-5-12-41

Special Orphanage for children with hearing difficulties, Hirbovat, Calarasi

tel.: 0-244-37-241

Gymnasium-Orphanage in Napadova village, Floresti  District

Napadova village, district Floresti

tel.: 0-250-52202, 0-250-522-26

Gymnasium-Boarding School, the Cupcini


Boarding school in Cahul

Cahul 2  Doynelor  Street

tel.: 0-299-40458

Boarding School for children with locomotor apparatus,  Ialoveni

Ialoveni, 4  Stefan cel Mare Street

tel.: 0-268-22231

Children's Home for children with disabilities, in Orhei

tel.: 23528871

Developing Home for children in the village of  Bulboaca

tel.: 069594051

A home for children with mental and physical disabilities in Hincesti

tel.: 026924275

Boarding-Home in the village of Kangaz

tel.: 25970301

Orphanage of  Veskeuts village, Floresti District

tel.: 0250 56238 (56249)

Orphanage in Cimislia

tel.: 79794266

Children's Home in the village of Albinetsy Vechi

tel.: 25970301

Orphanage in Popyaska,  Stefan Voda District

tel.: 242 34851

Orphanage in Bender

Bender, 20  Leningrad, Street.

Phone: tel. .0 ​​(552) 5-49-65, Cell. 0 (777) 7-10-25.Fax: 0 (552) 5-87-87.

Boarding School in Popenko Ribnita District

tel.: 160037355569293